new website now live

New Website Now Live!

After many hours of reading, watching, learning, practicing, designing, iterating, redesigning, scrapping everything and starting from fresh, testing and re-testing we’re FINALLY able to say:

Our flashy new website is now LIVE! 🤩

Complete with a fresh new look and a ton of resources including an online garment catalogue showcasing our favourite blanks, this new site should make it much easier for find all the information you need ahead of placing an order.


Need help with creating your artwork optimised for screen printing? Need help generating a mockup of how you’d like everything to look? Or maybe you need help designing your custom inner neck tags? Head on over to our new RESOURCES page.

Want to find out a little more about the services we offer? The WHAT WE DO page is where it’s at.

We’ll be posting regular updates about work we’ve done, new equipment upgrades, customer focused articles and help guides over on our BLOG.


It’s now easier than ever to get a full and accurate custom quote with our new QUOTE FORM. Use this form when getting in touch for a quote along with our ORDERING CHECKLIST to make sure you’re providing us with as much detail as possible and you’ll have a quote in your inbox in no time.


And last but not least we have our brand new monthly newsletter. Until now you will have had to be following closely on our socials or regularly checking our old website to find out what deals we’re offering, what competitions we’re running, see examples of our work and get updates on new services. Signing up to our MAILING LIST means you’ll get all that and more in one short snappy email delivered once a month straight to your inbox. Don’t worry, when we say monthly, we mean monthly. We hate spam too.

Oh, little added bonus…

You’ll get 10% off when you sign up too! This can be used against any custom work or on any of the deals we’re offering on our DEALS page. You can sign up by clicking HERE, or by ticking the signup box at the bottom of the quote form.


This website has been a big challenge to implement and it’s been rigorously tested. If you happen to stumble across a bug or something that doesn’t look quite right, please let us know, by dropping us an email at and we’ll get it fixed right away. We’ll make it worth your while 🙂

Have fun exploring the new site!


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