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Our Little Halloween Nightmare!

Kicking things off this week with a little story about these crispy 4 colour prints we did a few weeks back as part of a rush order for Emily Richoux, one of the amazing artists down at Urban Jungle Tattoo here in Bristol.⁠

Emily needed these printed and ready for their Halloween flash day sale on Friday. Unfortunately, our film positive printer died a death the day we were due to start printing and the timing couldn’t have been worse. For a minute there, we were screen printers without the ability to make screens… It was a living Halloween nightmare! 💀⁠

Luckily, we’re in Bristol, and Bristol is home to some pretty awesome people and we were able to source the films needed for this job later the same day. Game on! 😁⁠

With the screens setup we got straight to work. We started much later than planned, but we pulled an all-nighter, got the job done and Em got her order just in time for Flash Day! 😅 Unfortunately since we were in a rush, I forgot to take any photos of the 4 colour print on the front. Oopsy 😬⁠

Big shout out to Alun for his ninja registration skills and a special shout and big thanks to our friend Dunc at Shinobi for saving our butts with the films 🙏🏼⁠

Our standard turnaround time is 10-14 working days, so we always advise placing orders at least 3 weeks before they’re needed. Saying that, if you are in a rush, we do offer a turbocharged rush order service 🚀⁠

Please note there is a surcharge for this service as it usually means persuading Alun to print all night. You can only do this with promises of pizza, and pizzas are pricey these days 🍕⁠

Get in touch for a quote, and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in!

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