Okay granted, this isn’t the most exciting page on our website, but our Terms of Service are important. By placing an order with us you are deemed to have ready and accepted these terms, so take a moment to have a read through. These Terms Of Service are much nicer with a hot brew and a stack of custard cremes.

  • Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by these terms and conditions.
  • When referring to “in writing” in these terms and conditions this includes email, text messages and any other digital correspondence.
  • Information included on this website is for general purpose information only.
  • We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Reliance on any of the above is at your own risk.
  • The company Liquifyah LTD. trading as Fyahfly Screen Print and its employees will be referred to as Fyahfly throughout these terms and conditions.
  • By placing an order with Fyahfly it is assumed that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
  • Prices quoted will be upheld for 14 days from the date of quotation (assuming the initial quote is correct). After this point a new quote will be issued at our discretion.
  • On the rare occasion that a quote is sent with an incorrect price, Fyahfly will endeavour to send over a corrected price quote as soon as possible.
  • Our pricing is calculated on a per order basis and as such can be variable from one order to the next, even in cases where the orders are identical.
  • Fyahfly reserves the right to change our pricing without notice or justification.
  • Our pricing is based on a granular structure rather than set price breaks. As such, prices can vary slightly.
  • All goods remain the property of Fyahfly until they have been paid for in full, regardless of their location.
  • Invoices are payable upon receipt unless otherwise agreed upon. No goods will be sent until the balance has been paid in full.
  • Our preferred method of receiving payment is via bank transfer, the details of which are included on your invoice. We will also accept payments via Paypal or in some circumstances cash although cash is only accepted in person at our workshop.
  • Our turnaround time from payment/design proof approval is typically 10-14 working days (not including weekends or public holidays).
  • We will usually give an estimated turnaround time when placing your order based on our current print queue size.
  • We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.
  • Turnaround time starts once final design proofs are approved by you and your invoice has been paid.
  • Every modification requested to be made to your design proof will extend your orders turnaround time.
  • We try to ensure that our suppliers have stock before sending quotes, if they run out before we are able to place an order for your blank garments your turnaround may be extended. If this happens we contact you with alternative garment options and/or give you a new estimated turnaround timeline based on stock availability.
  • Fyahfly accepts no responsibility for any issues or losses, financial or otherwise, caused by delays in the receipt of any goods produced, provided or altered by Fyahfly.
  • We are occasionally able to offer a greatly reduced turnaround time when required, the details of the order will dictate how fast it is possible to make it. The price of reducing our turn around time will be dependant on the orders size, complexity and several other factors, this can be discussed in the quoting process.
  • A design proof of each print variation will be sent before printing and we will not begin printing until you have approved your design proofs.
  • The design proofs will include details of print size, print position and print colours. The scale of the mock ups included are not 100% accurate although should be pretty close, during production we will use the written measurements as a guide rather than the images.
  • If any alterations to any details on the proofs are required, new design proofs will be sent and will need to be approved before moving to production.
  • Our current design proof terms and conditions:

    Please note that this visual is for guidance only. The image has had a slight amount of compression applied to reduce the file size for ease of emailing, this may result in a slight loss of quality however the final product will be printed using the highest resolution image available for the best quality print. We will make every attempt to print error-free artwork, and we require all proofs to be thoroughly checked by our customers.
    This includes ink colours, layout, garment sizes and colours, print sizing and the overall accuracy of the artwork and/or design.

    Please review this proof carefully and notify us immediately of any required changes. Fyahfly Screen Print is NOT responsible for errors or omissions after the design proof has been approved and the job has entered the production stage. Standardised stock ink colours will be substituted unless a PMS (Pantone) colour is specifically requested by you. Colours will be matched as close as possible to the approved proof. Please note that colours may vary from the on-screen representation of the visual mockup. This is due to display variations on different devices. Pantone colour matches are closest when using plastisol inks. If you have requested the use of waterbased inks, colours may appear slightly differently to those on the proof. Discharge inks behave very differently depending on the fabric content of the garments they’re being printed on and therefore exact Pantone colour matches using these inks are not possible. We will print your garments as close to the visual mockups as possible.

    It’s also worth noting that the visual mockups are not 100% to scale and are just an approximation. Exact print sizes and placement are detailed on the proof in centimetres. Our standard tolerance for artwork placement on any garment is 1cm with a maximum of 2cm in any direction. Garment defects such as rips, stains, tears and holes are the responsibility of the garment manufacturer and are beyond our control, however we make every effort
    in the quality control stage to eliminate this.

  • We offer one free revision of artwork and design proofs. If subsequent revisions are needed, our standard hourly rate of £40/hr for graphic design will be charged (at a minimum of 0.5 hours). Design proofs will need to then be re-approved which will increase turnaround time, so it’s worth checking everything thoroughly the first time.
  • If you spot an error on a design proof after it’s already been approved, please notify us as soon as possible. If we have not made screens yet it may still be possible to avoid extra charges. If however we have already started the screen making process any changes are likely to incur extra charges.
  • Fyahfly are unable to accept responsibility for any errors are present on an approved design proof.
  • We are also unable to accept responsibility for any colours appearing differently in physical print than they may appear on the digital design proofs. Colours display differently across different devices. The specified Pantone colour codes  are the aspect of the design proof that is being approved for  printing.
  • Fyahfly will never knowingly print any copyrighted works without expressed permission from the copyright holder.
  • When design proofs are approved Fyahfly assumes you own the copyright for the artwork and/or have permission from the copyright holder for its reproduction/use.
  • Fyahfly accepts no responsibility for any copyright issues in any supplied artwork or resulting products.
  • We may ask for proof of the copyright holders permission before we will agree to print part or all of an order.
  • Fyahfly reserves the right to refuse service to any company or individual for any reason.
  • While we will endeavour to keep ink colours consistent, on occasion we may need to mix more of the colours being used which can result in slight variation between prints. This is generally minor and is usually only possible to see when comparing prints directly.
  • Certain types of ink may vary in colour depending on the type and colour of garment that they are printed on. This can be due to ink opacity showing the garment colour through the print, although this is usually mitigated by printing a white underbase layer first. It can also be due to the use of discharge inks which dye the bleach the colour out of the garment and replace it with a different colour pigment, this process will yield different results depending on the colour of the garment and several other factors. This variation in colour is not something that we can change in the case of discharge inks.
  • Ink colours represented digitally will look different to a finished print in person, we include Pantone codes for all colours we use on our design proofs so that you can check them against a Pantone book. If required you are welcome to come to the workshop to see the colours in person if accurate representation is important to you.
  • We can match almost any colour listed in the Pantone Solid Coated Pantone book, as well as several others. Our colour matching accuracy is done to a physical Pantone book by eye and may not be exact, if exact colours is something that is important to you please let us know when placing your order.
  • Colour matching waterbased inks is more challenging than plastisol so may not be as accurate, however it is not impossible. If this is important to you please let us know during the quoting process.
  • Colour matching discharge inks to a specific Pantone is not usually possible. There may even be some variation within a print run of the same garments of the same colour due to inconsistencies in the dying process.
  • We can match almost any colour listed in the Pantone Solid Coated Pantone book, as well as several others. Our colour matching accuracy is done to a physical Pantone book by eye and may not be exact, if exact colours is something that is important to you please let us know when placing your order.
  • Colour matching waterbased inks is more challenging than plastisol so may not be as accurate, however it is not impossible. If this is important to you please let us know during the quoting process.
  • Colour matching discharge inks to a specific Pantone is not usually possible. There may even be some variation within a print run of the same garments of the same colour due to inconsistencies in the dying process.
  • Print placement will be measured from a fixed location on the chosen garment (generally the bottom of the neck seam on the garment).
  • Print location may vary by up to 3 cm in any direction.
  • Generally we do not print close to or over seams, however occasionally it is unavoidable (usually due to variation in the manufacturing of the garment).
  • If it is necessary for us to print over or close to a seam it is likely to result in lower print quality in the surrounding area, e.g. patchy print, misaligned colours, etc.
  • We do not keep any stock of any garments in house, however we have accounts with all of the major suppliers in the UK (and some outside of it) so are likely to be able to quickly source any garments that are required.
  • We will always check availability of stock during the quoting process and make you aware of any delays that may affect your order.
  • On the rare occasion stock becomes unavailable between a design proof being approved and the garments being ordered we will endeavour to offer a similarly priced alternative garment, as well as inform you of any extension in your orders turnaround time.
  • Garment colours can vary, even on the same garment from the same manufacturer, this can be due to several factor that are out of our control and as such is not something that we accept any responsibility for. However if we decide that the difference is large enough we may choose to notify you to see how you would like to proceed.
  • Garment sizing will be based on the tolerances of the manufacturer and as such is out of our control.
  • Most garment manufacturers work to a 1 inch variation in seam location in any direction, meaning the sizing of each garment may be slightly different. For more information please ask us regarding the garment manufacturer relevant to your order.
  • Delivery charges will be shown at the time of quoting and will be agreed with the quoted price.
  • Deliveries will be made with the courier of our choosing.
  • All delivery dates are estimates and will be confirmed by the courier through their notification systems.
  • Fyahfly accepts no responsibility for late delivery if the cause is the delivery company.
  • Fyahfly cannot reimburse any costs incurred due to late delivery.
  • We reserve the right to take and post photos of the designs that we print at various stages of the print process for use on social media. If you would prefer that we do not post pictures please let us know when placing your order.
  • Any copies of original artwork, colour separations and the resulting film files will remain the property of Fyahfly. We cannot make any guarantees to keeping any of these files for any length of time, the decision whether or not to do so will be at our discretion.
  • Re-orders placed within 3 months of the last order will not be charged a full set up fee*

*This is assuming that all the details of the reorder are identical to the previous order.

  • After 3 months from proof approval date, full screen set up will be charged regardless of previous orders.
  • We cannot guarantee that screens will be physically kept for 3 months. Whether they are or not will have no affect on the reorder discount.
  • If there are any issues with the quality of any aspect of your order please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to rectify the problem.
  • If you have any complaints with your order, please get in contact within 3 days of receipt of the goods, otherwise we will assume the all goods have been checked and the you are happy with resulting product.
  • After 3 days following the receipt of your goods you will be ineligible for refunds or reprints, so please check them as soon as they are delivered.
  • If Fyahfly are notified of faults within 3 days, a reprint, refund or credit toward future order may be offered to you dependant on quantity of faulty or missing items.
  • Before a refund/credit/reprint for damaged or misprinted items is issued, evidence in the form of either clear photographs or returned items will be required.
  • If the issue is with 5 items or less, photo evidence will be good enough proof for whichever compensation is deemed appropriate by Fyahfly, if the issue is with more than 5 items they will need to be physically returned to an address that will be provided.
  • Damaged or opened cartons must be checked or refused upon delivery.
  • Misprints and defects are an unfortunate reality of the printing industry and are something that we will generally have extra stock ordered to cover.
  • On occasion we may not have enough to cover this so there may be an amount of your order missing, if this is the case we will provide you with credit towards your next order to the value of the number of missing items.
  • The amounts that we have deemed to be acceptable are based on the volume of the order and are as follows:

24-49 = 5%
50-249 = 4%
250-499 = 3%
500-999 = 2%
1000+ = 1%

  • The amounts vary slightly if you are providing the garments as we do not have control of ordering spares/test garments, Because of this the acceptable amounts based on customer supplied garments are as follows:

24-49 = 10%
50-249 = 5%
250-499 = 4%
500-999 = 3%
1000+ = 2%

  • Our opening times are 10am to 6pm, however we are open for visitation by appointment only.
  • If you wish to cancel your order please get in contact as soon as possible as to minimise any charges incurred.
  • If your order is canceled before any stock has been ordered (for example: blank garments, ink, etc.), a full refund will be issued to you minus our costs (costs to be determined on a per order basis).


If your order is canceled after the following stages of the ordering process we may have to cover further costs outlined (but not limited to) the following:

    1. If stock has already been ordered a 30% restocking fee on the garment price will be accounted for.
    2. If production of your order has started, our materials and labour costs will be accounted for.
    3. If the finished product has already been produced it is not possible to issue a refund or cancel the order as the goods are a custom product.
    4. We cannot accept returns or exchange items if the reason for return is that the garment fit is incorrect.
    5. We cannot accept any return of worn items or washed items.
    6. As products are bespoke Fyahfly cannot accept returns if reason is late delivery.