Pantone colour matching - If our stock inks aren't quite right for your artwork, we can mix some that are


If you have specific brand Pantone colours and guidelines, we can mix our inks to match!


The minimum order quantity for mixing and matching custom Pantone ink colours is 24 pieces


Pantone is considered the global standard for colour matching inks, paints, dyes and pigments across many industries. There are thousands of colours in the book, each with their own code (ie. Pantone 485C). We can match any colour in the Pantone Coated or Pantone Uncoated swatch books.

The best way to pick your Pantones for your prints is from a physical Pantone swatch book. These are expensive though, and not really worth it if used infrequently. If you're local to Bristol, you're very welcome to make an appointment and pop in to our workshop to pick your colours from our swatch books. We'll have the kettle on ready.

If you already have brand guidelines and know your Pantone colour codes used for your branding, just let us know what they are and we'll match our inks perfectly to them. If you don't know what they are exactly, but have a physical t-shirt, business card or flyer with the colour printed on it, you can send them to us and we'll match the inks using those.


If you run a business or a brand then you'll know the importance of consistent branding. Colours communicate emotions and feelings, but they also send a message. If you saw a certain shade of red and yellow together you'd immediately think of McDonalds without so much as a mention of a double cheeseburger. Brand colours define who you are, and that's why it's so important to get them right.

Mixing custom ink involves pulling a Pantone colour formula out of our online database and mixing together a number of component pigments in various amounts to achieve the exact colour required. It's a messy job and takes a bit of doing to get perfect, but the results are just that.... perfect! The mixing bit also makes for some pretty trippy photos to post on Instagram (see above). So if perfection and brand recognition are important to you, then hell yeah custom colour mixing is worth it!

The cost for mixing custom Pantone ink colours is £7 per colour.


We already have a decent range of colours we keep in stock that work for most applications, so if you choose your ink colours from our existing stock there will be no additional fees for mixing up custom colours.

If these don't float your boat then we can of course mix up some custom colours for you to get everything looking exactly as you want.

Download our Stock Ink Colour Chart and Swatch libraries for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator below.