Our unique granular screen printing pricing structure means that the price reduces for each garment ordered


Every order is printed to the same high standard you'd expect to find in any high street retail store


The minimum order quantity for custom screen printed clothing is 24 pieces per design variation


Screen printing is a fairly labour intensive process which involves getting separate screens (stencils) made for each colour in a design, tightly registered onto a printing press, loaded with ink and hand printed using a squeegee.

We’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, but here’s a rundown of what it actually is and how it all works. Here goes….


Firstly we need to separate your design into individual colours in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop. After that, we print these separations onto transparent acetate sheets. Meanwhile, we coat some screens (aluminium frames with mesh stretched across them) with a light sensitive emulsion and when they’re dry it’s time to expose them. We line the acetate sheets up onto the screens and expose them to a light source for a couple of minutes. In effect, this process  hardens the emulsion on the areas of the screen that have been exposed to the light source and consequentially leaves the areas blocked from the light by the printed acetate sheets water soluble.  Now it’s time for developing.



We take each screen to a washout booth and rinse them with water. The water soluble areas blocked by the acetate begin to soften and break down and eventually washout out of the mesh entirely. As a result we have a perfect stencil with sharp crispy edges and a nice open mesh ready to go. That’s pre-press out of the way… now onto production!


Firstly we take each screen (stencil) that we made and load them onto the press. Each screen needs to be registered so all the colours line up. This bit takes some time. It has to be 100% perfect to pass the Fyahfly quality check! When we’re sure the screens are all registered correctly it’s time to run a test print. First we load a scrap t-shirt onto the press and load the inks into the screens. The first colour is  printed by hand using a squeegee and flash dried using a quartz dryer. Then the second colour is printed, and the third and so on. We then carefully check that the registration is absolutely bang on. If it’s not, now is when we’ll make any final tweaks before taping off the registration marks and running a final test print. It all looks good, so it’s time to get printing!



Printing is done using a rotating carousel style printing press, and all garments are individually heat cured in a conveyor tunnel dryer once printed to ensure maximum print durability. Our press can accommodate up to 6 colours and we hand pull all our prints for ultimate quality control.



In terms of quality, flexibility and value, there really is no other form of garment printing that comes close when printing in bulk. Looking for embroidery? Although this is something we don’t offer in-house, we can outsource embroidery from trusted partners, making the buying process much simpler for you.

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Screen printing has been around for a long time and for good reason. Print quality and colour reproduction is incomparable to other decoration methods and the durability of properly printed and cured images means that the prints typically out-last the garments they're printed on. Screen printing is more suited to higher volume orders and thanks to our unique granular pricing structure, the more you get the cheaper it is per garment!

We offer a wide range of further customisations designed to make your brand stand out from the crowd. We have a low minimum order quantity of 24 pieces per design, which makes us a great choice for smaller print runs done fast.


There are many variables when it comes to screen printing, which is why we operate on a quote-based pricing system. Stock garments, number of ink colours, print positions and artwork detail can all affect the price of printing a job.

If you're looking something simple we do offer great value package deals based on single colour prints - these are usually delivered in around 10-14 working days from artwork approval and receipt of payment. Can't wait that long? No worries - we also offer a RUSH ORDER SERVICE