Garment Finishing Adds To Your Bottom Line Profits. Here’s Why.

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned ⌛⁠

Have you ever tried to perfectly box fold a t-shirt? Then (after the fifth attempt when you’ve finally managed to fold a shirt in a way that would make your mother proud) try and wrestle that shirt into a mailer bag?  So you know what a massive time suck and general day ruiner that can be. The solution? Let us do it!

At Fyahfly, we can efficiently individually box fold, poly-bag and add size stickers to all your tees. This makes organising inventory and shipping so much easier and saves a ton of time. It’s especially useful if you’re selling out on the road at gigs and events. ⁠

The time saved will immediately mean you’re more profitable as a result, as you can use this time to do what you do best. Selling t-shirts!

Individual folding also gives your product a much more ‘retail ready’ feel and adds to the perceived value by showing you care enough about your products to go the extra mile in making sure they’re packaged properly.

These are available as an add-on to any quote or any of our package deals.

We also have sustainable options available including bio-degradable bags, for any eco-conscious brands out there.

Say goodbye to digging through boxes to get to that last Medium hidden underneath a pile of XLs and probably undoing all that hard work folding you did in the process. Let our team take care of it for you.


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